Artist residency

Artist residencies and workshops.

September-October 2018 EMAP/EMARE artist residency at Bandits_Mages, Bourges, France. Project “The Siren’s Dream”.

 “The Siren’s Dream” –An experimental multichannel moving image installation researching, how mental and emotional crisis and traumas in life of a woman can trigger visual outcomes, symbolism and visions of artificial realities. Inspired by several paintings of female surreal painter Leonora Carrington translated into an accumulation of  overlapping visions, telling a story of a female locked in a haunted house/mental institution trying to make sense of what’s happening around her.

August-September 2017 Collaboration on Graeme Cole’s EMAN/EMARE artist residency at Bandits-Mages. Experimental film in progress. Project “Universal Ear”.

Surreal fairy tale in a form of 8mm film installation about adventures of a British adventurer traveling in time and space to record “All the music in the world”.

July-August 2017 Croatia, Artist Residency at Zadar Snova International Festival of Contemporary Theater. Installation and street performance. Adaptation of a play by Alfred Jarry: “King Ubu.”



November 2016 Tokyo Wonder Site Artist Residency.

April-June 2013 New York, Mid Town Studio


January 2016 Hole Artcenter Norway.



September 2016 Høyanger gjeste atelier og stipend/ Høyanger artist residency.

and Gunnar S. Gundersenart grant 2016.