Latest exhibition March 2022 at Gallery White Box, London

Aleksandra Niemczyk is an abstract painter living and working between London and Oslo. She uses mixed media techniques to create non-figurative paintings full of intensity and colour. With respect for the great non-figurative modernists of the past, and uncompromising dedication to abstract expressionism based on “organic geometry” and colour theory, Niemczyk pushes her works towards complex aesthetic compositions.

Niemczyk’s formal training includes an MA in Fine Arts (Painting and Lithography) and MA in Film Directing from Béla Tarr’s radical film.factory program in Sarajevo. She exhibits internationally and her works feature in many private and public art collections, among them Focus Bank and Louis Vuitton in Oslo, Norway.

The Two Moons series reflects Niemczyk’s experiences during her artist residency at Tokyo Arts and Space (2016), during which she researched traditional Japanese techniques of printing and painting on textile.

Instagram:                     @niemczykaleks

Contact:                        niemczyk.aleks@gmail.com